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Cleaning Services Available

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Cleaning Equipment & Services

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Best Cleaning Services Companies In Singapore

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Like the average Singaporean working adult, you may lack the energy to deal with any kind of household chores after a long day at work. For those of us who do not want to dedicate our precious spare time for household chores, a cleaning service may be the solution to your problem.

A cleaning service is the perfect low commitment solution as opposed to a live-in maid. Not only is it more cost-efficient, hiring a helper from a cleaning service provides greater flexibility that will match your busy schedule. The possibilities are also endless with the help of a cleaning service, as you may also consider hiring these services for commercial spaces.

There is an extensive list of cleaning services available in Singapore and with the Yellow Pages Directory, the task of finding the ideal cleaning service is made simple and fuss-free. Here are a few types of cleaning services that are available at your disposal.

Cleaning Services Available

Cleaning Equipment Services

Offering the most comprehensive range of cleaning services for machineries, supplies and hygiene-related accessories, a cleaning equipment service ensures the health of your business.
They ensure the cleanliness of your business’s work space as well as the wellbeing of customers and employees alike.
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Office Cleaning Services

For every business owner, workplace safety is a prime concern. Hiring an office cleaning service can offer you that peace of mind and more. From taking charge of general office cleaning tasks, they also provide help with building maintenance, plumbing and landscape services.
A house cleaning service covers household chores such as vacuuming, mopping and tidying of your entire house. Other than the standard cleaning duties, you can also customize according to your needs and request for any additional services you might need.
For most of us busy professionals, engaging the help of a house cleaning service might just save us the headache from dealing with laundry at the end of the week!
More than just the cleaning of windows and mopping of floors, janitorial services caters to your extensive cleaning needs. From window cleaning to mold cleaning, hiring a janitorial service can improve your home or business environment immensely and create more productivity.
The end result is a clean, organized and sanitized workspace!

Butler Services

Those looking for a more personalized cleaning help can opt for a butler service. Butler services offer only the best housekeepers that are carefully selected, trained and screened. You can be assured that you will receive top notch housekeeping services with a level of professionalism to match.
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Maid Agency

If you are seeking long-term help with your cleaning needs, then it would be wise to hire a maid from a maid agency. A maid agency not only takes care of the administrative matters that comes with hiring a maid, they also act as matchmaker to ensure that you end up with a maid that is a perfect fit.

Cleaning Equipment & Services

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Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors

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Cleaning Services

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House Cleaning

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Janitor Service

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Cleaning Compounds Wholesalers & Manufacturers

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Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

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Janitor Supplies

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Maid & Butler Service

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Maid Agencies

Sanitation Service

Sanitation Service

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Soaps & Detergents-Wholesalers & Manufacturers

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Toilet & Washroom Hygiene Services

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Vacuum Cleaners-Household

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